March 2011

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LinkedIn’s New Profile Flagging Feature

24 Mar 2011 | : Profiles


Checking on the changes at LinkedIn, I realized an even larger one had taken place – LinkedIn has introduced the notion that a user’s profile may be flagged.

That’s huge.

Let’s have a look.

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Weaving Tangled LinkedIn Webs

23 Mar 2011 | : Groups, Introductions


You’ve got to hand it to an organization that rolls out successive features and then makes changes that break things in a complex web later on.

Oh sure, LinkedIn has always changed things on the fly, as they wanted, without much notice or consideration – but now that the system is more complex, sometimes the pieces don’t fit together nicely any longer.

Let’s have a look at sending messages to fellow group members.

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Reading LinkedIn Today Tomorrow

16 Mar 2011 | : About the Service


The introduction of LinkedIn’s newest application, “LinkedIn Today”, seems fully functional, and perhaps useful, but maybe I just don’t get it…

It seems to be an app to “get everyone to check LinkedIn several times a day”.

And maybe it’s me, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

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Following Companies, People, and Discussions on LinkedIn

09 Mar 2011 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


Thought I’d take the time today to discuss creeping, I mean following, on LinkedIn.

Oh sure – it’s useful, but let’s face it – it can seem a little off-putting.

We call it “following”, and it’s not different than following on other platforms like twitter of facebook.

But let’s check into this, ok?

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Experienced Users Read The LinkedIn Personal Trainer Blog

02 Mar 2011 | : Connections


Wow – Thanks for the vote of confidence folks.

Every poll I put up on the site reveals a different aspect about LinkedIn, the users, and this site’s readers. As usual, I didn’t know what to expect, but the numbers don’t lie.

Let’s have a look at February’s poll results.

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