January 2011

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Visualize Your LinkedIn Connections

26 Jan 2011 | : Connections


Big news out of LinkedIn this week – the InMap.

Ever want to get a handle on just who you connect to on LinkedIn? LinkedIn has released a new gadget that lets the users visualize connection patterns.

It’s way cool – so let’s have a look.

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Cleaning Up LinkedIn Profiles

19 Jan 2011 | : Profiles


LinkedIn has long maintained that certain areas of profiles should be used in the intended way..

You know – names where names belong and stuff like that.

I was taking a look through some of the members that LinkedIn thinks I might know and thought I’d report on what I’m seeing…

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LinkedIn For Sales

05 Jan 2011 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


After November’s poll, I extended the thought from job search to sales and marketing.  The results show an equally interesting pattern.

Some have decided that LinkedIn is pretty darned good for sales opportunities…

Others not so much – but let’s look closer.

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