December 2010

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The Hubub About LinkedIn Profile Language

28 Dec 2010 | : Profiles


My profile uses the word “excellence” in it, so do more than a half million other profiles – so what;-)

A number of sites have been commenting on the supposed cliches contained within profiles and warning users not to use these “overused” words and phrases. (The LinkedIn site flamed the fires by first posting 10 overused cliches)

Give me a break.

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Hidden Settings For LinkedIn

21 Dec 2010 | : About the Service


Where oh where did the settings button go, oh where of where can it be?

A reader expressed dismay trying to take my advice when I told him to get into “Settings -> Some Setting” and change it.

You see – the settings icon has disappeared!

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LinkedIn’s “I Don’t Know” Is Gone!

16 Dec 2010 | : Connections


LinkedIn appears to have been busy lately – and revamped the way users respond to invitations to connect.

That classic “I Don’t Know” button is gone!

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Twelve Days Of LinkedIn

13 Dec 2010 | : About the Service


I hope you’re having a great holiday season – and have another video for your enjoyment.

Do you remember The Twelve days of Christmas – well it really started out as The Twelve Days of LinkedIn…-)

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Blocking Email

10 Dec 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


My post earlier this week dealing with harassment has prompted a couple of other inquiries – let’s deal with one here.

I don’t want to get email from LinkedIn!

Ok, this is pretty severe, and you could easily replace the word “LinkedIn” with any other site – so let’s talk about it.

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LinkedIn And Dealing With Harassment

07 Dec 2010 | : About the Service, Etiquette


I almost titled this post “LinkedIn Harassment”, but harassment really goes beyond LinkedIn and I didn’t want to imply that the site is bothersome, or that the site is used as a bother.

But really – I wanted to talk about what you might do if you’re being harassed, and you still want to use LinkedIn.

Let’s look into some settings the site has and how you might use them.

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LinkedIn Polarization

01 Dec 2010 | : Jobs


Last month’s poll was a beauty, and I almost couldn’t wait for the calender to flip over to share it with you.

Some people say LinkedIn is just for those looking for work.

Oh sure, they’re there, but that’s only one tip of the crowd. Let’s have a look.

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