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I Simply Remember My Favorite Linked Things

31 Oct 2010 | : About the Service


And Then I Don’t Feel So Bad!

There are nay-sayers in every crowd, and once in a while I run across posts from others that don’t get LinkedIn.

That’s ok – it’s an entirely optional site, but we should spend a couple minutes on this…

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When Change Makes Me Sad

29 Oct 2010 | : About the Service


If you’ve been around LinkedIn long enough, you’ve seen things change.

In the earlier days the changes were introduced with no warning and on occasion disrupted some fundamental aspects of the system.

Hmmm…  Who am I kidding – they still do – but perhaps have gotten a little better at it…  It’s something that has caused a stir now and again…

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When They Don’t Know

26 Oct 2010 | : Connections


Well, there’s no doubt that it had to make my list of things that make me cringe – strangers asking to connect.

What else can I add?

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When The Site’s Down

24 Oct 2010 | : About the Service



It’s the bane of all online activity that at crucial moments, the web site isn’t working;-)

And that’s enough to make anyone unhappy…

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Asking For Intros From Friends Met Last Spring

20 Oct 2010 | : Introductions


Introductions anchor my Favorite Linked Things – because they are that good.

It made my list of Five Reasons to Learn LinkedIn just the other day, and is still important enough to talk about again.

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Sharing My Good Files

14 Oct 2010 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn applications – direct and third party – are beginning to make a difference, and you ought to be looking into them.

File sharing doesn’t have to be your Favorite Linked Thing, but it made an easy addition to my list.

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Searching For Prospects

12 Oct 2010 | : Search


LinkedIn rocks as an effective sales tool – where else can you research target companies, check the backgrounds of key employees, and find information to help make a sale?

And to stave off the revolt from my “I don’t want to get sold” portion of readers, it’s all good – and I’ll tell you why.

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Fake LinkedIn Email

08 Oct 2010 | : About the Service


Back in August we talked about fake LinkedIn email, and apparently the spamsters were listening in as they took that idea and ran with it.

Let’s dissect one instance of that sort of message so you understand what it looks like and what to watch out for.

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