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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part VII

28 May 2010 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Connecting to thousands of people you don’t know is the best way to meet people and learn new things!

Continuing with really nice sounding arguments on why connecting indiscriminately is the best strategy – who doesn’t want to meet new people and learn new things?!?

In order to support this statement, one would have to be able to say that other mechanisms of meeting people and learning things are less effective than LinkedIn.

I mean – if you can meet 100 new people, and learn 25 new things by doing activity A (in some amount of time) and can meet 1000 new people and learn 400 new things by doing activity B (in some similar amount of time) you might be able to support this statement.  If you can’t, well – that’s just an opinion, isn’t it?

Secondly, we’d have to be able to say that the meeting of people and the new ideas learned are constructive in some way.  It’s easy to learn things by reading the encyclopedia, but I don’t know many people that spend their time just flipping through the pages. (Though since I grew up before the information superhighway, I did spend some of my youth doing just that, though it was more like “skimming for something interesting”…)

So let’s check this out!

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LinkedIn Works – A Guest Post

25 May 2010 | : Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


A Guest post by Mike

I was laid off about a month ago. Given the state of the economy and my “older worker” status, getting a new job could have been a lengthy ordeal or a mission impossible. Thanks to LinkedIn, I accepted a new position less than three weeks later.  It was not just any job.  It was, it is – my dream job.  By many important measurements, it is a much better job than the one I had.

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Falling Into A Social Media Hole

23 May 2010 | : Outside LinkedIn


So here it is – a good week after I intended to post on the LinkedIn Personal Trainer Blog – and I can’t really explain what happened.

It’s always interesting when life intrudes on good intentions, but there’s got to be a lesson here somewhere…

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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part VI

11 May 2010 | : Connections


Connecting to thousands of people builds your thought leadership!

Another really nice sounding statement to take on today – doesn’t everyone want to be a thought leader?!?

And if some expert says that you’ll be considered more of a thought leader with thousands of connections (to people you don’t know), it’s got to be true, right?

So let’s start this investigation from the beginning of the thought leadership process…

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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part V

07 May 2010 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Connecting to thousands of people puts your updates in front of more people!

This is a nice feel-good reason to connect indiscriminately, but empty when you get into it. I actually have to agree with the plain statement of fact that if everyone connected to thousands of people they didn’t know, updates would be placed in front of thousands more people.

And be completely ignored.

Let’s have a look at how this would happen, shall we?

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Just What Does Your LinkedIn Profile Reveal?

05 May 2010 | : Profiles


April took just about as long to get through as March, and April’s Poll reveals some more information about the readers of this blog.

More than half of my readers (And that’s you because by definition – you are reading this blog right now) are quite mum on extra information in their profile, but as I was working my way through these results I realized I happen to share quite a bit about myself.

I’d make some quip about revealing things, but this is a professional blog and I don’t want anyone to get in trouble for reading the material here…

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