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Can I Get A Recommendation From Outside LinkedIn?

29 Apr 2010 | : Recommendations


Let’s follow up the myth on recommendations with a write-in question on the same topic.  It’s asked often enough to go into a FAQ:

Can I get a recommendation from someone who isn’t a member of LinkedIn?

The short answer is no – but you’ll want to read the rest of the answer to understand why that’s a good thing…

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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part IV

27 Apr 2010 | : Connections, Recommendations


Connecting to thousands of people brings you more recommendations!

This is a feel good reason to connect indiscriminately, but let’s have a closer look at it, shall we?

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Top Connected Recruiters on LinkedIn

22 Apr 2010 | : Connections, Jobs


The blog over at Boolean Black Belt researched the top connected recruiters on LinkedIn and I thought that might make a nice article in the middle of the “Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths” series.

Let’s have a look…

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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part III

20 Apr 2010 | : Connections, Search


Connecting to thousands of people helps you get found!

So let’s check this out.  If a LinkedIn user indiscriminately connects to thousands of people, can they be “found” better?

Let’s start at the top…

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Eyes Wide Open – The LinkedIn Job Seeker Premium Account

17 Apr 2010 | : About the Service, Jobs


LinkedIn Introduced a new “Job Seeker Premium Account” feature this past week, and you’ll want to see what is – and is not within it.

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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part II

15 Apr 2010 | : Profiles


People can’t contact you unless your profile includes your email address or phone number.

Yes, that’s where we’re going to start – the reasoning behind including your email address in your profile and more frequently right within the spot your name belongs.

It’s the one aspect of indiscriminately connecting that touches on your profile, so let’s explore…

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Exposing LinkedIn Connection Myths – Part I

12 Apr 2010 | : Connections, Ways to Use LinkedIn


The LinkedIn Personal Trainer takes a stand on connections, and I’m unapologetic about it.

Before I wrote the book, I was a user – who saw the potential of the system, became very familiar with it, and found I could help others use it more effectively.

And no where in that process did you see the words “thought I could make money”…

Somewhere along the line, others saw that if they used LinkedIn to connect massively, they’d have a ready audience and market – and they’re right – to a point. But where is that point?

I thought my readers would like to watch along as I explore and de-bunk some of the more popular myths that are spread about why it’s better to connect indiscriminately.

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Publishing Too Soon

06 Apr 2010 | : Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


The LinkedIn Personal Trainer suggests you think twice about “breaking the news” on your profile or through an update.

That is – if it isn’t supposed to be published yet!

It looks like Apple may be buying a company and has not announced it yet, but news is leaking out anyway.  And one of those sources? Individuals at said company saying so on their LinkedIn profiles!

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