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Sorting LinkedIn Searches By Relationship

26 Oct 2009 | : Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn’s “Introduction” feature is key to the service – it lets users reach out to potential customers, employers, employees, partners, and even investors.

This is a great way to turn a cold call into a warm introduction – through a mutually trusted individual.

And while it is possible to ask for introductions to both 2nd and 3rd level connections, it is easier with 2nd – because there is only one individual in the middle that knows both the introducer and the introducee.

LinkedIn opened up a search option to allow users to specify the relationship – and you should do that.

Let me take you through it…

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LinkedIn Profiles More Accurate

22 Oct 2009 | : Profiles


What’s going to be more accurate, John Smith’s LinkedIn profile, or his resume?

Apparently the LinkedIn Profile – let’s have a look.

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Sarah Palin’s Got A Duplicate Profile, Do You?

20 Oct 2009 | : Profiles


And I mean this in the nicest way – if the former candidate for Vice President can end up with two profiles on LinkedIn, what chance do you have of avoiding the same fate?

A whole lot – because you’re reading this blog!-)

But seriously folks, let’s have a look…

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TV Pilot Today And Training Event Friday!

19 Oct 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


Two things that just can’t wait:

  • I helped tape a pilot for a new show called Employment INsights the other week, and they’ve got a preview out.
  • If you happen to be local, I’ll be training with The Project Solvers this Friday.

It was an interesting process to tape the show, and I’ve got a couple links for you to check these out.

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NY Times Gets It Wrong – Good Nets Work On Merit

18 Oct 2009 | : About the Service, Connections, Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Yesterday’s article in the NY Times misses the boat, and I’ve got to call them on it.  The shocking suggestion is that networking sites will lead to nepotism.  (And by networking sites, they mean ones just like LinkedIn – and since the article only mentions LinkedIn, there’s not much doubt about it…)

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LinkedIn Sub-Groups – Just Like A Group – But Special

15 Oct 2009 | : Groups


Promised myself that I’d get an article out on LinkedIn subgroups before we get snow, and in order to keep that promise, I have to get this article out now!

The concept behind subgroups is probably more sexy than the implementation, but you still want to understand what’s going on…

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Have Any Super-Sekrit Information On Your LinkedIn Profile?

12 Oct 2009 | : Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


This wouldn’t be funny if it were the first time it’s happened, but it isn’t – so it is funny!

Redorbit.com has pointed out some information about Microsoft’s plans for Windows 8 & 9 – plans gleaned from the profile of a Microsoft employee on LinkedIn.

Here’s some handy advice so that you can avoid the unlucky position this gentleman is in.

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When Social Marketing Goes Bad – Again!

09 Oct 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


Hot on the heels of my “friend” trying to get me to join a new group and get exposed to their wonderful marketing message, I’ve got not one, but two more instances of flawed contacts around my LinkedIn presence.

First – we’ve got to throw out the enhancement / dating / watching sort of spam – I’m not talking about that at all.  Nobody wants it and it’s very automated. (actually – somebody, somewhere must want it or they’d stop doing it…)

I’m talking about situations that don’t work out well when someone has a “real” product and they want more people (you and I;-) to know about it – and they don’t take care with their message.

That’s when things go off course…

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