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LinkedIn for the Business Professional: After the Introduction

30 Aug 2009 | : Teleseminars, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’ve hooked up with the Rochester Women’s Network to offer this new session to be held the evening of September 22nd.

They invited me to speak back in March of 2008, so it makes a natural extension of that introductory session.

School’s back and everyone is grudgingly getting out of summer mode and into action.  Are you ready?

And the group is happy to allow men into this program – read on for more…

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LinkedIn Doing Well In 2009

26 Aug 2009 | : About the Service


Silicon Alley Insider writer Nicholas Carlson scored a nice interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, and reports that things are well.

The key factoids: LinkedIn is in the black, and ad revenue is up 50% over last year.

I found other comments more interesting…

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When Do I need An E-Mail Address To Invite Someone?

24 Aug 2009 | : Connections


The question about when you need to have an email address to invite someone to connect on LinkedIn comes up every little bit.

With an interesting event this week, I thought I’d spend a little time helping you understand when it is necessary.

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LinkedIn and Recommendations and Lawsuits, Oh My!

19 Aug 2009 | : Recommendations


A post over on got my dander up, so I thought I’d deal with it more fully here…

Can you get in legal trouble over a recommendation?

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Fun Stuff – And Getting Experience With Video

13 Aug 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


Slightly off-topic entry today, and a slice of the author’s life outside of LinkedIn – but a good education and lesson at the end if you’ll humor me…

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LinkedIn Issues for the Job Seeker

10 Aug 2009 | : Jobs


One of my E-book purchasers – John – had a couple questions about using LinkedIn specifically around being in a job search mode.

He thought my answers made sense, and I thought they might make a good post…

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How To Respond To LinkedIn Competitors – AKA – WSJ

06 Aug 2009 | : About the Service, Outside LinkedIn


So the web is a-flutter with reports that the Wall Street Journal is looking to grab LinkedIn’s market.

That’s an interesting proposition.

But really – what are their prospects of doing so?

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The Protection of Dealing with Friends of Friends

02 Aug 2009 | : About the Service, Etiquette, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Have you ever gotten into a bad deal, or been taken advantage of?

Sure – we all have.  It happens some times.

How about this – how often have you driven down that road when a good friend has recommended you meet someone?

Probably not so often, right?

So think for a moment about your connections on LinkedIn…

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