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Sex, Drugs, and Blogging About LinkedIn

27 Jul 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


This post is a slight departure from my normal advice about how to use LinkedIn – to talk about blogging about LinkedIn.

I was looking around the blog site’s dashboard the other day and noticed that the anti-spam solutions on the site have been blocking an incredible number of comments.

Since I get a relatively modest amount of “real” comments, I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t losing some good comments, so I looked further…

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New Sighting – LinkedIn Porn Spam

21 Jul 2009 | : About the Service, Connections


A connection shared her latest LinkedIn invitation with me this morning – and I was shocked.

You see I had yet to see any real efforts at spam on the site other than those users that ask to mass connect.

Well, it appears the bubble has burst in a “big” way – let me show you the “invitation”…

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Don’t Allow Your Use of LinkedIn to be FOILed!

15 Jul 2009 | : About the Service, Outside LinkedIn


Do you have a public position? Are your activities in this public position subject to FOIL requests? (New York State’s Freedom of Information Law)  Or perhaps – are you subject to the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)? As noted by Wikipedia, the federal government and all states regulate public access to governmental and educational records.  New York’s laws have a handy acronym of FOIL, so it’s common practice to refer to being “FOILed”.

It’ll take a bit of discipline on your end, but you’ll want to – and it should be relatively easy to stay on the “easy” side of these laws.

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The Agonizingly Long Profile

10 Jul 2009 | : Profiles, Recommendations


You know that I’d like you to put the right amount of effort into your LinkedIn experience, craft a great personal brand, and succeed fabulously, right?

In an email exchange with Ryan, he dropped a pair of words that dealt perfectly with the LinkedIn over-achiever – that they had an “agonizingly long” profile…

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There’s Nothing Wrong With LinkedIn [Rebuttal]

06 Jul 2009 | : About the Service, Connections, Jobs


I keep my eye out for news stories about LinkedIn, and when P.J. Louis asks “What’s Wrong With LinkedIn??” over the weekend, I have to respond!

It seems clear to me that P.J. Doesn’t “get it” yet, and I’d like to offer some unsolicited advice;-)

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Leveraging LinkedIn for Effective Projects

03 Jul 2009 | : Connections, Etiquette, Groups, Introductions, Profiles, Recommendations, Teleseminars, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I’m really excited about creating this program – The Project Solvers and I have developed a workshop on Thursday July 16th for project teams and managers.

Besides the usual questions about how to use LinkedIn, we’ll show participants a tools set that will allow you to run projects effectively through LinkedIn and a few of the additional applications tied into the service.

How can project members communicate across the team?

Is there a way to share project plans and documents?

Can we get feedback from the development community, or the marketplace?

If our project team is scattered across several companies, cities, and continents, how can we setup an environment that lets us all do what we have to do?

All those questions – and more – will be answering for the workshop participants!

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