June 2009

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Replying to LinkedIn Email is Hazardous to Your Relationships!

28 Jun 2009 | : About the Service


Someone sent you this terrific LinkedIn message – and you responded in great detail to this wonderful opportunity, but it’s gone nowhere – why?

Later on you met up with them in-person at a networking event and asked about it, but they denied ever seeing anything from you in response and moved on.

How frustrating is that!

The answer is all in the little details and how you tried to use the system – and I’ll show you…

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Viewers Of This Profile Also Viewed…

25 Jun 2009 | : Ways to Use LinkedIn


A recent commenter on my “Someone’s Been Sitting In My Chair” article mentioned that they like to check into the people that viewers of a particular profile have also viewed. (Thanks Wil!-)

My first reaction and reply back was that the information was good only for other people’s profiles, but when I was writing this article, I realized a nifty way to use this feature  to see who else viewers of your profile viewed – you’ll want to see this!

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Counting Up Connections

22 Jun 2009 | : Connections


Everyone knows by this time that the number of connections for LinkedIn users is displayed as a number from 0 (yes, there are some people on the system with no connections) to 500+.

A reader asked if I could help him determine how many connections someone with more than 500 had and it proved to be an interesting challenge – I thought you might like to see…

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It’s OK Not To Tweet

15 Jun 2009 | : Outside LinkedIn


Even if all your associates are suggesting you have to tweet or get going with facebook, you have my official permission to ignore them – and those sites. (at least for now)

And here’s why…

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TLPT Seminar with the Rochester Business Alliance

04 Jun 2009 | : About the Service, Teleseminars


So – I’ve been working with the Rochester Business Alliance to schedule a LinkedIn seminar and we’ve agreed to hold it on the morning of June 26th.

Thought this would make a nice short post as I’ve gotten several inquiries about holding a local event.

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