March 2009

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The LinkedIn Personal Trainer in South Carolina

31 Mar 2009 | : About the Service


This event featuring me as a speaker is on the LinkedIn Calendar, is yours?

If you haven’t already found it, it’s time to start using the LinkedIn “Events” application.  Select this link to add the Events application.  On this page you should see the instructions on the right to add it, just click that button.

Easy enough, right?

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Financial Advisors Take Care About Recomendations

20 Mar 2009 | : About the Service, Recommendations


Ever since I’ve started helping people learn how to use the system, I’ve had very good results in explaining why Financial Advisors want to use LinkedIn.

When I returned to some of my contacts to see if I could teach the entire office, the reaction was always luke-warm – even though the individual was ecstatic about the potential.  At one point, one of them clued me in – as a potential mechanism to contact clients, the IT staff of their organization wasn’t keen about LinkedIn.

This week I found another article with a different issue that might get in the way…

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Leaving Linkedin

10 Mar 2009 | : About the Service


No – I’m not leaving LinkedIn – but the question seems to come up on LinkedIn Q&A often enough that I thought I might deal with it here.

Before I tell you the super-secret formula for getting off LinkedIn, I’d like to try to change your mind…

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