October 2008

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LinkedIn’s Twitter-ish Feature

29 Oct 2008 | : Jobs, Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I haven’t been a big proponent of this feature in the past, and am changing my tune – update your network through the “what are you working on” feature – to get the word out.

You’ll save time and let people keep up with your recent activities.

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Groups Mini Update – Discussion Post Notification

23 Oct 2008 | : Groups


LinkedIn has made a minor but significant update to group discussions that you need to know about.

Only read this if you want to stay on top of discussions happening within the groups you belong to…

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How Recruiters Use LinkedIn To Find Candidates

15 Oct 2008 | : Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


When I’m speaking with employment networking groups, I’ll often explain how recruiters use the site – so that the attendees can tune their profile for better results.

I thought that might make for a helpful post here.

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Customize Your Correspondence For More Success

12 Oct 2008 | : Etiquette, Introductions, Ways to Use LinkedIn


One of my readers – Tom – shared an interesting statistic with me: the response rate when he sends out InMail.

You see Tom prospects with the help of LinkedIn and has experimented with different approach styles.

It’s a fascinating look at just how important it is to speak (and write) to someone as an individual.

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LinkedIn For Competitive Intelligence

05 Oct 2008 | : Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


LinkedIn insiders know that you can use the site’s information for more than job, sales, and partnering leads – you can find out what others are up to as well.

I’d like to share an article I found where a reporter does just that.

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LinkedIn Statistics – And Ties To The Credit Crunch

01 Oct 2008 | : About the Service, Jobs, Ways to Use LinkedIn


The Guardian is reporting that those within the financial industry are increasingly LinkedIn.

It seems anti-climactic to think that investment bankers are joining, updating their profiles, and connecting more right now than ever before – but I’m a bit more interested to look inside and see that LinkedIn can identify this activity.

Let’s see what they’re seeing;-)

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