August 2008

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Networking After You Land A New Position

28 Aug 2008 | : Jobs, Outside LinkedIn, Ways to Use LinkedIn


You jumped into “job search” mode, networked like crazy, met some terrific people, joined LinkedIn, and continued to stay active even when some potential offers appeared imminent.

And landed a great job.

What now?

You keep at it – and here’s why…

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Building Your Network Before You Need It

24 Aug 2008 | : Jobs, Profiles, Ways to Use LinkedIn


Every once in a while I find an individual who’s waiting to start using LinkedIn “when they need it” – hinting that until they’re looking for a job, they don’t need to network in general, or use LinkedIn specifically.

I’m always vocal about their need to get out now – when they don’t “need to” – and here’s why…

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Cliches To Avoid On LinkedIn

20 Aug 2008 | : About the Service, Profiles


Take his advice, please…

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Visibility – Display Your Blog’s Name

19 Aug 2008 | : Profiles


This one is elementary, but LinkedIn leads individuals down the rosy path of obscurity…

Who wants to see “My Blog”?

I’m sure your blog has an interesting and thought out name – use it! I’ll show you how.

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Reaching for 100%

14 Aug 2008 | : Connections, Profiles, Recommendations, Ways to Use LinkedIn


I just answered a question on LinkedIn about adding recommendations to add 5% towards that “100% complete” figure…

If it helps motivate you great, if it doesn’t – ignore it.

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The LinkedIn Personal Trainer in the Top 400 Books on Lulu

11 Aug 2008 | : Outside LinkedIn


With more than 200,000 paperback books in the system, is working out to be a very successful business in the “Publish on Demand” market space. Currently ranked 374th, The LinkedIn Personal Trainer is right in the thick of that success.

July’s distribution sales just posted to my account and helped raise the book another notch to that level – I had to take a moment to acknowledge that position and Lulu’s place in my business.

If you have a book to publish, Lulu can help make that happen – the question is – do you have one?

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A LinkedIn Strategy For Everyone

05 Aug 2008 | : About the Service, Connections, Groups


LinkedIn is taking a bit of heat lately for limiting group membership, and while it may appear heavy handed, I’ve got an opinion on why it is practical.

A viable strategy can work only if it remains viable if everyone follows it.

That goes for connection strategy as well as group membership…

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