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Endorsing Who?

27 May 2008 | : Recommendations


None of my regular readers will ever face this issue, but I’ll talk about it anyway…-)

One of the more interesting questions I’ve seen is from an individual who was asked to endorse someone they didn’t know. Their question was – should they, and also – why would someone ask like that?

Well, if you’re going to connect to people you don’t know…

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Memorable Endorsements

24 May 2008 | : Recommendations


A LinkedIn endorsement says that not only do you know and trust the individual, you recommend them to others – a powerful statement.

So don’t just tell the world what a great professional Tom Smith is, tell them the unique thing about Tom that makes him special.

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A Group for TLPT Readers

19 May 2008 | : Groups


Writing (and presenting) is often a one way street – the writer (speaker) becomes well known by the reader (listener). Heck, who am I kidding – fan clubs get started because an author develops a following;-)

But remember where I write that you should connect to people you know…

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Profile Building Helps Establish your Platform

14 May 2008 | : Profiles


Just last week I was mentioning that quite a few LinkedIn Profiles don’t have a “Summary”. This week a reader has asked a question that goes one step further – how do they build a profile that sets them up for success?

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Open for questions

13 May 2008 | : Uncategorized


This is a simple post to allow readers to submit questions that have come up. What LinkedIn features do you have questions about?

Build a Summary for your Profile!

09 May 2008 | : Profiles


Your LinkedIn Profile’s Summary Section … It’s what I like to call your elevator pitch. It’s the high level overview of your personal brand, the space where you convince the reader you’ve got what it takes.

Every LinkedIn profile needs to have a compelling summary section.

So why do so many people leave it empty?

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FWA/SF Teleseminar follow up questions

07 May 2008 | : Teleseminars


This is an entry for attendees of the FWA/SF Teleseminar – An Introduction to LinkedIn for the Business Professional.

Use the comment section below to ask questions that we didn’t have time to cover during the teleseminar. If the answer goes into some depth, I may choose to create a separate post on it;-)


Connect to those you Know and Trust

06 May 2008 | : Connections


It’s the biggest split in philosophies on the LinkedIn site – MEGA connectors versus those that selectively connect.

Both promise better use of the site, and the arguments can get heated – but who’s right?

I’ll tell you why you should connect to people you know and trust…
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